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Blumedia Art produces video and documentaries, docu-games, docu-animations, also online, 3D and in DVD, to promote historical, artistic and cultural heritage. We realize institutional, industrial and business video on demand. We also produce our own videos as well as on request about the art, history and environmental beauty of Italy and Europe.

Blumedia Art unites the love of culture, art and history with the use of new technologies, in order that the historical and artistic heritage and the environmental beauty of Europe can be discovered, known and appreciated.

We produce videos, short films, video online and DVDs about the art, history and the environmental beauty of Italy and Europe. We make the dream of traveling back in time come true, living the daily life of past eras, together with the great names in history.

We narrate epos and short stories about men and women, kings, condottieres, artists, poets, and philosophers, and we passionately give a face and voice to those who have made our past history so rich, charming and fascinating.

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We produce works which support public initiatives in order to favour the rediscovery of common European roots and of traditions, art and natural resources of the local territory.
We fabricate emotions so that Culture may become a pleasure.

Here, some example of our video production